Frequently Asked Questions


Is there an Application Fee?

We've made it so easy to find a fantastic new home.   There is no application fee to rent one of our fabulous apartment homes or quality commercial properties.

Are there Rental Guidelines?


1. You and/or your co-applicant must collectively earn at a minimum - 3x the amount of the monthly rental amount.

2. You must complete the application completely and provide a copy of each applicant's photo identification/driver's license so that a credit/background check may be performed.  

3. You must provide proof of income.

4. You must have a proper rental or home ownership history.

5. You must cooperate with any other requests made by your property specialist so that your move will be, fast, easy and worry free.

6.  All applications, services, and contact must be processed at our West Springfield office located at 174 South Boulevard - 2nd Floor, West Springfield, MA 01089.  Our phone number is 413-746-9846.

What if I have an issue after I move in? What should I do?

We are here to provide you with excellent service.  All maintenance requests are processed through our West Springfield office by reaching us @ 413-746-9846 in accordance with your lease.  

Our after hours maintenance emergency number for critical issues which require immediate, urgent remediation is 413-493-8438.

If you experience any  police, fire or medical emergency, do not delay.  Call your local authorities or 911. 

How Quick is the Approval Process?

If your application is complete and you provide the necessary supporting documentation, your approval may be obtained the same day!

Is there a holding deposit when I submit my application?

Yes.  Once you've toured a property and want to secure an apartment home, you are required to submit a holding deposit with your application.  Holding deposits range from $150 - $500, depending on the property.  Once approved, you will be required to sign a lease and increase your holding deposit to an amount equal to one month rent on your chosen home.   Please contact your property specialist for further details.

If I Live at A Property, May I Transfer to a Larger or Smaller Unit if My Circumstances Change?

We understand that your circumstances may change while living in your home.  The lease you sign governs our relationship.  

As a general rule, we make every effort to accommodate you, as your lease permits.  For specific circumstances that require personalized attention, please contact your property specialist.


Are Pets Permitted?

Those service related excepted, with a pet agreement and lease addendum, cats are generally permitted at all properties.  Limited and select properties do allow dogs - pedigree, breed restrictions, weight and size restrictions do apply.  All pets require a lease addendum and pet agreement.  Please contact your property specialist with any questions 413-746-9846.  



I'm interested in A Commercial Property, How do I Tour it and Rent It?

The Process is so Easy.  Call our main office in West Springfield at 413-746-9846.  Set up a tour of the property.  Office Space involves an application and a short or long term lease depending upon your needs and the property.  

Retail storefronts require a plan, adequate capital, and an application.  Deposits may be required to cover the value of items located within the storefront.   

I'm interested in opening up a storefront with several partners, what's the process?

The process is fairly simply.  An application is required, adequate capital, experience and at least one financially responsible party must sign the lease agreement.

Feel Free to Submit Any Other Questions

Our phone number is: 413-746-9846

Our fax number is:       413-746-9848

Email any questions through the email form on our contact us page!